Application: Rokuika

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Application: Rokuika

Post  Rokuika on Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:46 pm

Character Name:Rokuika

Job levels: Black Mage75 , Red Mage75

Notable Gear:
Red Mage: AF+1hat , AF+1 Body, Crimson Cuisses, Duelist Gloves, Magnetic Earing,Zenith 3/5(head,legs,hands)
Black Mage: AF+1hat, 3/8 HQ staves(ice,thunder,wind) Relic 2/5(legs,feet) Rostrum pumps, Zenith 3/5,Obi's (ice,thunder,wind)

What you expect to get out of Hyrule: I havnt done much salvage so for most part , i expect to get experiance.

What you expect to put in for Hyrule: Not gonna promise the world or say im best of the best but i will say i give my best and always up to learn new things and new ways to do old things.

Availibility:Sun,tues,wed,thur- 7est(pm)+ mon-fri 10est(am) 6est(pm)-(dynamis) sat-all day


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